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Творец системы - это узник, который имеет притязание освещать мир лампою из своей темницы.

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Who was
Pierre Auger

The Auger Observatory experiment was named after Pierre Victor Auger (1899 - 1993), who can be considered the discoverer of giant airshowers generated by the interaction of very high-energy cosmic rays with the earth's atmosphere.
Most of his professional life was devoted to the following fields of experimental physics:
• Atomic physics (photoelectric effect);
• Nuclear physics (slow neutrons);
• Cosmic ray physics (atmospheric airshowers).
During the Second World War, he joined the Free French Forces, and partipated in the creation of a French-British-Canadian group on atomic energy research, becoming the head of this department in Montreal.
After the war, he became Director of the Department of Sciences for UNESCO. He strongly campaigned for the creation of international research organizations.
Photos courtesy of Mariette Auger. Top: Jungfrau, 1935. Bottom: New York, 1960.

Researcher V.M. Adeev
Institute for Problems of Materials Science
of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.
August 2009