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Целью научных занятий должно быть напрвление ума таким образом, чтобы оно выносило прочные и истинные суждения о всех встречающихся предметах.

Рене Декарт

Эта теория недостаточно безумна, чтобы быть верной.

Нильс Бор

In memory of
Nicolay S. Astratov
(10.02.1944 - 19.08.2008)

Nicolay S. Astratov – outstanding speaker and tutor, scientist, public figure, active and task-oriented man.
During the last ten years Nicolay S. Astratov was a member of ICHMS Organizing Committee, executing a lot of work for the conference organization and its conducting.
Nicolay S. Astratov had been graduated from the Chemical Technology Faculty of the National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” (department of cellulose-paper fabrication) in 1967. He began his professional activity at the Balahna’s cellulose-paper plant at the position of technologist (1967 -1971). In 1971 he became post-graduate student of the Ukrainian Scientific-Researching Institute of Paper. Later Nicolay S. Astratov was a chief of scientific group at the same institute. From 1985 he began to teach students at the department of organic chemistry and technology of cellulose-paper fabrication of Kiev Polytechnic Institute. In 1986 he was assigned by scientific degree – Ph.D., and in 1990 – scientific title of associated professor. He became a member of the Ukrainian Technological Academy in 2003.
Nicolay S. Astratov is author of more than one hundred scientific papers, 3 monographs and series of patents and author’s certificates.
The last ten years of his life Nicolay S. Astratov devoted to new carbon modifications studying. Because of the cellulose-paper fabrication problems good knowing he with the group of his students began scientific investigations of carbon nanostructures (fullerenes and nano-tubes) addition into various types of paper. More than two tens of fullerene-containing and more than one ten carbon nano-tubes containing types of paper and carton were designed and fabricated. Patents were received on a part of technologies which were developed.
Nicolay S. Astratov was a talented tutor and scientist, had authority and respect among colleagues and his students. Bright memory about Nicolay Sergeevich will be kept in hearts of everyone who knew and loved him.

Dr. Dmitriy V. Schur
Institute for Problems of Materials Science
of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.
August 2009