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Науки юношей питают,
Отраду старым подают,
В счастливой жизни украшают,
В несчастной случай берегут...

Михаил Ломоносов

Не истины науки трудны, а расчистка человеческого сознания от всего... осевшего ила, от принимания неестественного за естественное, непонятного за понятное.

Александр Герцен

On centenary of
L.D. Landau birthday

“Considering conciseness of our life we cannot
afford luxury to go into the questions not promising
new results”

Lev Davidovich Landau, a Soviet physicist, an academician of Academy of Sciences of USSR (elected in 1946), a laureate of Nobel, Leninist and three Stalinist prizes, a Hero of Socialist Work, an academician of Academies of Sciences in Denmark, Netherlands, American Academy of Sciences and Arts (USA), French Physical Society, London Physical Society and London Royal Society, was born in Baku, on January 22, 1908.
Scientific life of Lev Davidovich Landau, an undoubted and acknowledged leader of Soviet theoretical physics, began very early and his scientific achievements were so significant and practically unattainable for the most of scientists.
The results achieved by L.D.Landau in Kharkov became classic, many of them bear his name.
A number of results that can be literally referred to L.D.Landau’s fundamental contribution to theoretical physics for that period are: the theory of second-order phase transitions (“Landau theory of second-order phase transformations”), the kinetic equation for systems of particles with Coulomb interaction, the theory of an intermediate state for superconductors, the dispersion theory for magnetic permeability of ferromagnetics, where Landau and Lifshitz deduced a known motion equation for magnetization (“Landau-Lifshitz equation”), the theory of sound dispersion and absorption, the theory of monomolecular reactions, the theory of metals at ultralow temperatures, the theory of light diffusion, the statistical theory of atomic nuclei. Moreover, interpreting L.V. Shubnikov experiments, L.D. Landau expressed an idea of existing antiferromagnetics, and predicted a possibility of electron autolocalization in crystals. Therefore an unprecedented degree of L.D. Landau’s scientific activity in UPTI becomes understood. Respective publications made his name world-known, and Kharkov – one of the leading centers of theoretical physics not only in USSR, but also in Europe. Many of famous physicists, N. Bohr, P. Dirac, V.O. Fok, Ya. I. Frenkel, I.E. Tamm, G.A. Gamov, V. Weisskopf, F. Houtermans, G. Placzek, R. Peierls and others arrived and worked in UPTI.
L.D. Landau is thought to be one of the creators of modern physics and, undoubtedly, one of the most outstanding figures in the XX century science. Scientific findings achieved by L.D.Landau are still valuable, and books of “Course” in many volumes remain popular and are used extensively.

Dr. Aleksey D. Zolotarenko
Institute for Problems of Materials Science
of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.
August 2009