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Academician V.V. Skorokhod

This year the 75th birthday of Valeriy Vladimirovich Skorokhod was in July 28, 2009; he is an Academician of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, a director of the Institute for Problems of Materials Science of NASU, co-chairman of International Organizing Committee of ICHMS’2009. Following his light hand, our conference received the name “Hydrogen Materials Science and Chemistry of Metal Hydrides”.
The activity of V.V. Skorokhod is closely associated with the formation of I.N. Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science, one of leading centres of USSR and in the whole world.
Valeriy Vladimirovich Skorokhod was born on July 28, 1934 in Nikopol, an industrial town of Dnepropetrovsk region on the south of Ukraine in the family of teachers. On graduating from the Kiev Polytechnical Institute, Metallurgical department, V.V. Skorokhod got down to work in 1956 year in the IPMS NASU (at that time institute of metal ceramics and special alloys of NAS of Ukraine) in the department headed by outstanding scientist in the field of powder metallurgy academician I.M. Fedorchenko.
The fifties in Ukraine were the years of intensive development of scientific principles of powder metallurgy. V.V. Skorokhod actively joined the scientific work and investigation of important production operations of powder metallurgy. The research pursuance in the area of powder materials science permitted V.V.Skorokhod to state the main principles of control of sintering bodies structure that received the name “structural engineering”. This formed the basis for development of new type of composite materials with the fine-crystal structure.
In 1985 V.V. Skorokhod was elected the Corresponding Member of the NAS of Ukraine in speciality “Materials Science” and in 1990 – the Full Member of the NAS of Ukraine in speciality “Materials Science and Powder Metallurgy”.
Scientist V.V. Skorokhod is one of the gifted natures, organizers and research leaders of our time and was the founder of a scientific school famous on an international scale. He gave lectures in Kiev Polytechnical Institute and in IPMS NASU. 12 doctors and 30 candidates of sciences are among his scientific followers. He is the principal editor of the journal “Powder Metallurgy”, member of editorial board of International journal “Science of Sintering”, honorary member of Serbian Academy of Sciences and Art, honorary member of Polish ceramic society, laureate of Ya.I. Frenkel International prize winner and Nikola Tesla medal, he was also decorated with the Yaroslav Mudriy prince order of IV degree.
The untriviality of his decisions, great intuition, retentive memory and surprising erudition in the most different areas of knowledges together with high human qualities win the respect of all colleagues. V.V. Skorokhod is an author of more than 500 scientific papers including 8 monographs.
At present time the elaboration of new technologies in the field of energetics is intensified in our institute in order to neutralize the acuteness of problem of energetic crisis that arises periodically and shall appear evidently later on. Many analysts are sure that the world will walk away the petro-mania and find the equivalent for it over the next decades. The alternative sources of energy extend the possibilities of production of optional energetic capacities and by doing so they reduce the dependence on the present deficiency of petroleum.
In recent ten years under the supervision of V.V. Skorokhod the works on hydrogen materials science, hydrogen power engineering and investigation of various nanostructures are initiated and receive all kinds of support in the Institute for Problems of Materials Science. The edition of journal “Nanostructural materials science” was organized and he is the principal editor of this journal.
The Organizing Committee thanks V.V.Skorokhod officially for the warm support of these two important scientific lines, that shall form the basis of economy in the future, greets him on his remarkable anniversary and wishes him new successes, good health, the creative and physical longevity.

Dr. Dmitriy V. Schur
Institute for Problems of Materials Science
of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.
August 2009